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Varoin Marwah had a great summer! The sun shone and creative juices geysered. The concept and design aesthetic for his new collection came together at the same time. And if you had any doubt that his spa line is hot, the show killed it dead. The venue was packed, the standing section was rows deep and the guests cheered as the lights dimmed.


The show was built around a casual look that drew inspiration from the five elements on Nature, depicting their properties through the colour palette and fabric manipulation. In fact, the seamless blend of concept and design was responsible for the way the Dubai designer’s theme influenced the success of his collection to a great degree. The most fabulous look was easily identifiable: the brown and cream linen top with thread embroidery worn over fluid cream pants—a look so chilled out, it was the perfect "just popping into the spa" ensemble. I also loved the mint green collarless deep-neck shirt worn with cream linen pants.


Pure escape was the vibe… and isn't that why you head to a spa? This could easily have been a clichéd line but the designer used proportion and colour in a way that made it look contemporary and dynamic!


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