Runway Report

For Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019, Shruti Sancheti showcased a relaxed bohemian narrative. Dressed in maxis, elegant separates and languid summer dresses, with stylishly draped scarves, it seemed as though the models had emerged from a picnic in the British countryside.


The designer deftly blended cotton blends, organic linen and delicate lace with a European sensibility—not an easy feat. Yet, given her expertise and painstaking attention to detail, it was a perfect merger of aesthetic and inspiration that played out with florals, gingham and a sun-kissed palate embracing ivories, mustard, greens, berries and teal. Though all the looks were appealing, ones that stood out were the billowing white sundress and the delicately textured teal dress worn with a stylishly draped floral scarf. So it was a wonder I saw visible appreciation among buyers — all looks could be taken right off the ramp to the rack.


As I walked out of the showing, the feeling that stayed with me was one of quiet elegance. The beautifully handcrafted assembly of summer wear — enhanced with cross-stitch detailing, hand embroideries and delicate scalloping — is perfect for the discerning shopper. A conscious movement that puts the values of craft and individual choice back into luxury. The review would be incomplete if I didn't mention the designer's power of consistency — right from her very first showing, Shruti has always endeavoured to uplift the nation's textile heritage by supporting grass-root weavers and embroiderers; her strength is using local handcrafted weaves to design globally relevant silhouettes.

— Jasmeen Dugal