Runway Report

Shruti Sancheti opened the final day of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week with an ode to the days of the Raj when "Memsahibs" would blend luxurious Indian elements with a signature Anglicized look resulting in a mode of restrained luxurious hybrid exclusive to them. The collection titled "The East India Company" served as a concise exploration of the bygone era of Polo matches and summer holidays in the hills wiping away question marks of retro vs. modernism and restraint vs. magnificence with its global outlook.

Making it look simple is the trick and Shruti Sancheti did that by sending out ensembles crafted with pure woven silk as the base fabric with velvet and raw silk embellished with intricate handwork. We loved the floor-length crimson jacket with embroidered bodice worn over rani pink trousers—the open jacket re-emphasizing the tininess of the waist. Next up was a line of draped ink blue long dresses—some with floral motifs on the shoulders and skirt, others splashed with flowers—swinging loose from the body. There were red sari lehengas with floral tassels and a crimson and rani pink sari splashed with floral motifs, lightly layered floor-length red dresses and a floral crop top with a black skirt. Each look had guests spellbound by the intensely detailed decoration in the form of intricate hand embroidery in the floral motifs and cut work.

As she graciously accepted congratulations and compliments I nailed the show's attraction: a structured collection threaded with regal sophistication.