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Rohit Verma's showings are one of the most magical experiences of fashion. The designer has an exceptional flair for the theatrical and his runway tableaux themed 'The Graveyard' at India Luxury Style Week could be likened to performance art. Set in a graveyard, the showcase began—and kept pace throughout—with Vivek Joshi's powerful performance as the ghost of a mother desperately searching for her sons among the models showcasing Verma's gothic menswear line!!


Reflecting the Indian man's evolving attitude towards Fashion — and giving the opportunity to make a statement with an experimental look seamlessly created with sharp cuts, stylish draping and goth embellishment, Verma sent out edgy garments crafted with seven-eight fabrics ie velvet, suiting, Lycra, jersey and denim-together! ’'Menswear is a challenging segment. I'm trying to add a distinct dimension with fabrics, exciting cuts and draping. The sole criterion is the wearer should feel comfortable, confident and make a bold statement on the red carpet'' he explained. 


The tightness and rigor in the presentation was exceptional from the graphic set and eerie music to the goth surface technique and the styling by Rehan Shah. Verma shelved color and crossed to the dark side with a blackout palate. The simplicity of silhouette and goth pragmatism added visual assertiveness, which made for appealing looks. Besides which, what sucked me in, was the spontaneous energy of the showing; each person in the audience whipped out mobile phones and gleefully took photographs! Last thoughts? It was unique, intense and personal. Yet each piece was very, very wearable. Makes you wonder—now that the designer has aced goth, what will he take on next?


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