Runway Report

It may have been their debut in haute couture but Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna courted glamour with statement looks made for star-truffled nights and destination weddings, with its combination of edgy young silhouettes and form-enhancing crackle! 


With Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci as the base of their collection showcased at India Couture Week, the duo paid homage to the brilliant number theorist who is acclaimed for introducing the Arabic numbering system, square roots, number sequencing and, of course, golden ratio, which they used in the edgy silhouettes with hand embroidery, cutwork, metallics and sleek lines. There were several hot-sellers in the fast-paced showing that had the sensual sophistication their clientele gravitates to—in spades! The duo redefined the allure of deconstructed shirts and jackets, handcrafted tuxedos, in-built corsets and translucent can-cans to make it relevant to a new generation. Zardosi lace, pearls, dabka and crystals released the severity of the looks.


As the showing continued, it did end up somewhere between elegant and edgy, before closing with Malaika Arora Khan in a high-slit evening gown with a plunging neckline and trail. Bold, confident and hot as hell! My take? It was Freudian the way the duo built desire into each look—wearable off the runway and on to a red-hot gala. Is it a wonder then that critics, buyers and editors could be heard debating it as the duo's strongest till date?