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"It is an extremely glamorous, chic collection steeped in influences from the baroque and gothic era. Its opulent heritage calls for deeper scrutiny, to look between the cracks, and find beauty in its imperfection. Our attempt is to translate this emotion on the catwalk through a manifestation of old world charm in dramatic silhouettes with prints, lace and hand embroideries.Wearability is key but I like my ensembles to have some drama" revealed Rocky S days before his showing at India Beach Fashion Week where he masterfully combined multiple couture techniques, textures and materials in a luxury line that stole my breath away.


Masterfully restrained to a black, white and gold palette, and a masterful play of sheer and solid, there were some immediate winners all the while keeping it lightweight, sexy and globally relevant. Looking at the line-up—some of Rocky's punchiest looks were the shimmering mini dresses that would rock a celebrity-truffled party in The Hampton. Rocky S is like the artist who spins a magic kingdom out of his imagination; hot-sellers include a strappy shimmering gold bodice that flowed into a long printed dress, painstakingly thread-worked blouse worn with a glistening black skirt cut to the thigh, and a dramatic ruffled strapless dress that would undoubtedly make a statement on the red carpet.


The final look—a dramatic minidress worn by Esha Gupta—left guests with a full realization of the concept and showmanship that drive his creativity—and of course the handpicked trippy music. Hey that's why they call him Rocky Star!


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