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''I chose designing because it allows me to be who I am and produce the work I stand for.. tell my story and express my vision through my work. I envision my garments worn by a man who makes an effort in putting together his look. He is confident in his own skin and loves being playful'' Ramesh Dembla told me a few days before his much-awaited opening showcase at India Luxury Style Week. It's no wonder then the excitement was palpable as his show area was packed — after all, designers who stand for something aesthetically, culturally are the ones people develop strong affinity with.


The show began with a brilliant upbeat performance by drummers who played on the ramp in celebratory mode — then the models walked out. A fresh, modern approach could be perceived in the lineup of eveningwear. I couldn't help noticing how each look filtered the grunge era with a sleek contemporary vibe. Dembla used a melange of fabrics to play with texture. There were sheers and dense opaques — embellished with hand embroideries. Athleisure was detailed with grunge-steeped zippers-slashes-ropes and all models sported handpainted tattoos.


Last thoughts? Globe-trotting vibe, luxury travel; that's what the collection is threaded with. A clean look with no excess—and it certainly has a retail-friendly appeal! Ramesh Dembla's design aesthetic is celebrated for its free-spirited vibe. And speaking of free-spirited.. the showcase closed with India Luxury Style Week brand ambassador Akshay Kumar and Ramesh Dembla — followed by all models — running on breakneck speed across the length of the catwalk, stopping short of the photographers' pit. A delightful end to a superlative showcase.


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