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Because Medicine is the Best Laughter! A look at the title, and hospital beds hooked to drips on the catwalk, raised anticipation and unbridled excitement among guests as we debated what the showing would be about. Till it began with live music by Grain, Karsh Kale, Ankur Tewari. A perfect launch of Amazon India Fashion Week. 


But that's Rajesh Pratap Singh to a fabulous T. He visualises a message—and then he showcases it. Here it was a hospital ward — where life begins and ends. Bizarre? Macabre? No way! The concept conveyed something beautiful, emotional, rich as girls staggered and traipsed down the catwalk, to sometimes hilarious effect, providing a madcap touch to the theatrical show. "Did you send flowers to the room" asked one. "Flowers on your electrocardiogram or selfie on your Instagram" asked another. The patient, I imagined, was a self-contained individual who lives and dies in complete harmony with himself.


What the designer's doing each season is fine-tuning an aesthetic. The minimalist black and white garments crafted from a combination of masculine and feminine fabrics and bold accessories amplified that attitude: signature hand seam detailing created dissected and reconstructed textures; the hand-sewn leather jackets had "suture seams" used in surgery; the hand-woven structured weaves created wool-ikat gingham checks, polka dots, flowers and stripes. Stark surface textures and overlapping silhouettes made the garments stand out though fabrics embalmed with gum ensured the message was never forgotten. PS I loved brogues and oxfords with Zaha-inspired architecture heels that accessorised sheaths, pleated skirts and boat-neck cocktail dresses… all of this were today's ingredients in the ongoing saga of Rajesh Pratap Singh's constant reinvention. Each garment stood out, suggestive of a sellout collection, even as he hinted at a bigger picture where Death is real—and Laughter is the best medicine for pain. For me, it was one of the best shows of my life. Salut.


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