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''I may have begun this work after reading John Lahr's fascinating biography of Tennessee Williams titled 'Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh' — images of characters such as Blanche Dubois from 'A Streetcar named Desire', Amanda and Laura from 'The Glass Menagerie', Tennessee's own younger sister Rose — all so frightened, so delicate, so intense — yet you can't brush them off as weak; they're all survivors… not far away, there was Maria Callas on my mind. Perhaps the greatest Opera Singer of  the twentieth century.  Her brilliance, her talent, sheer genius- frightened, vulnerable, fragile. What she had in common with the women of Tennessee Williams I don't have a clue. Or what she had to do with a summer I spent working on songs from West Side Story for a concert. Maybe I just spent the summer singing 'Maria'…''


Prashant Verma’s show notes once again brought to mind that he has always specialised in a body of work that builds narrative portraying layers of his inner artistic complexities. When guests come to his showing, they not only seek beautifully handcrafted ensembles but a theatrical narrative that showcases the austere glamour of old school couture. The artist, actor and couturier more than satisfied those desires once again, taking his audience on a nostalgic trip to twentieth century fashion. Which other designer could handle voluminous, layered gowns crafted with yards and yards of tulle, chiffon, taffeta and organza — some accessorised with vintage veiled hats; others with brushstrokes, abstract and vintage watercolours — without once losing control? Amid this grandeur, Verma added a few pantsuits and sleek ensembles. It was a touch that brought the fantasy within our reach. For these alone, not to mention the fifteen-minute transportation into another world, the magic of Prashant Verma SS19 at Lotus MakeUp india Fashion Week deserves haute couture's highest accolades.


As I walked out of the showing, the magic of old school couture and his words stayed with me — ''it is the struggle that every artist faces; we earn our strength by baring our souls to the world for there is nothing one can achieve without being totally vulnerable, on stage and in life.''

— Jasmeen Dugal

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