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The extraordinary talent Eina Ahluwalia has is her skill to project something emotionally and politically pertinent onto her runway without making it oppressive. In this case, she ramped up the curiosity subtly through the underlying message in her conceptual jewellery: "even though the business of living can sometimes leave you bleeding... there is a place you can go to for all your answers and your strength." And that's just what she conveyed to a spellbound audience at Lakme Fashion Week.

Given the strong theme, it wasn't surprising that the Kolkata-based designer showed evocative jewels including a jewel egg with a door that cracks opens to reveal a golden glow within... a statement neckpiece with several doors symbolizing that the doorways lead us to different answers but the door to our inner self is the one that leads us to the light... a heart full of blood, pain and hurt and another heart full of gold with light coursing through its veins. One of the collection's most striking motifs is the eye. The mind's eye watches, judges and feeds the ego. The heart's eye loves, trusts and believes. The soul's eye looks beyond and finds the lesson in the experience and searches for growth. Monocles are crafted into jewellery with motifs of all three eyes as a reminder that we decide which perspective we choose. 
The clever part was that theatrics never got the better of the jewellery. In effect, it was a collection in which Eina Ahluwalia demonstrated that she's reached the stage of maturity where her ability to articulate significant symbolism only enhances, rather than obscures, the excitement of her abilities as a jewellery designer. She's been creating ripples of creativity on the global fashion map since quite some time and she's certainly igniting trends in conceptual jewellery. Showcasing 'Forgotten Jewel' makes it official!

Photographs — EINA AHLUWALIA

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