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"We work with handlooms but the set up is modern. The youthful experimental consumer wants new styles so often. And, we at Studio Anavila, are forever absorbing, forecasting trends and evolving new looks. For SS17 we wanted to redefine, reframe and repurpose classics and we did this by creating globally relevant looks rooted to our rich heritage" explained Anavila Misra who is renowned for the revival of linen saris in a contemporary context and her extensive work with handlooms.


At her showcase for Amazon India Fashion Week, it was interesting to see how she played with a masculine — feminine theme in the soft linen shirts and fluid pants, evocative of her first job as Assistant Designer at Louis Phillipe. "I want to take my design to the next level," she said. "You can get stuck in one mode." Perhaps it wasn't surprising, given Anavila's aesthetic, that the most attractive looks were luxuriously simple. The feminine side of the story unraveled with layered seperates and languidly draped, plaid linen saris — some with pockets, others with interesting blouses. The palette remained muted grey and ivories. "Its a misconception that a sari is formalwear," is her take. "I wanted to break that mould and showcase the ease with which it can be worn."


That said, Anavila is a focused designer who has built a solid retail following and it's good to see timeless classics with a subtle, creative update.


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