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"Every season is about building a convertible wardrobe" explained Aartivijay Gupta before her showing at Lakme Fashion Week. "I want to show wearable silhouettes with bold prints." That statement sent me down memory lane: her debut was perhaps her most creative line inspired by doodles in her fashion notebook from where it progressed to a series of printed collections that featured the Pantone color wheel, the Indian map and art by Picasso and Dali. This time she raised the bar with a stark black and white collection that aspired to portray the history of world fashion—and re-introduce it with a modern spirit.

So sixth century hats accessorized corset-and-crinoline layered with a short jacket. Aartivijay Gupta lived up to her signature of gigantic prints as iconic vintage fashion depicted on garments hinted at fashion history—which made each garment a conversation piece. I loved the turtle neck collar on a padded shoulder short jacket worn with a shift. The sole menswear was a monochrome suit with cut-off pants. The designer completed the look with printed footwear and bags, vintage hairstyles and bold make-up. This show was a study of contradiction, vintage with modern, delicate with bold, solid with sheer.

As the show ended with hearty applause it was clear that though digital prints is her mainstay AVG is evolving within her signature. 


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