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'The Resurgence' by Shantanu and Nikhil at FDCI India Couture Week is rooted in the modern values of  practicality, quality and exacting standard of execution. Deeper complexities are layered beneath the minimal form; with an almost spiritual connotation of cyclic existence, the collection celebrates renewed strength and the power to adapt and rise again… symbolised in the dominant metallic influence.


Celebrating twenty years, the duo studied their archive and reinterpreted classics. Shantanu and Nikhil have neveer wanted their design aesthetic to be bound by constraints and strongly advocate anti-trend couture. From the first look, the duo's approach to androgyny was galvanising; traditional menswear was draped and layered while a play of structure and volume was seen in womenswear. Voluminous evening gowns, lehengas and structured pieces, some with capes, were crafted with handwoven silk and brocade, with tonal surface glinting with goth appliqué and zardozi. Metallic influence symbolised her power.


Overall, the showcase of neo-luxe bridal and occasion wear evoked an emotional connect of resurgence and the pressing need to 'soldier on' in the wake of the pandemic; after all, when times are tough, we all crave a little strength and security. And no matter what you've got on your plate, face it head-on — preferably with a great ensemble on deck! Let the evolution begin!

— Jasmeen Dugal

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