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'Yeti — The Himalayan Kitchen' has been conceptualised to celebrate dishes from Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan — taking diners through a culinary trip of the regions.


Having opened in Connaught Place, after successful innings in Haus Khas Village and Greater Kailash II, I had a sumptuous luncheon there, pre-lockdown, in a soothing ambience with exposed brick walls, wooden furniture, flute music, mandalas, Tibetan player wheels and flags! So, when I wanted to oder in something different, I perused through their delivery menu; it was a tough choice with such delicious dishes to choose from, including 'Phokso' — stir fried goat with onions, tomatoes and Nepalese spices; 'Newari Momo Cha' — Newari bite-sized momos served in sauce' 'Shabalay' — Tibetan deep-fried meat pie; 'Ema Datchi' — Bhutanese dish with meat, green chilli and cheese sauce, to name just a few… I was in a culinary daze.


Finally, I went with 'Shabalay' and 'Ema Datchi' and waited for the dishes to be delivered. Up first was Shabalay — traditional Tibetan meat pie where the dough is stuffed with the meat of your choice, cabbage and chilli, fashioned into semi-circular shapes, deep fried and served with three sauces, ranging from mild to fiery!! It is loved in the Tibetan community and a hot favourite at their pot-luck gatherings! No wonder, too, it was insanely sumptuous! In no time, the three pieces, which I dipped in Szechuan pepper sauce, was demolished. And I was really beginning to appreciate the intensive research that had gone into curating the authentic menu.


And then it was time for the entree with a tantalising aroma. Hey, I'm not exaggerating when I say I've never had something so sumptuous, a dish I will order in time and again! 'Ema Datchi' — known as the national dish of Bhutan. The nutritious stew made of homemade cheese, green chilli and pork, served with bread, transported me back to my trip to Bhutan, a decade back. If, like me, you’re the kind of spice fan who likes to sprinkle tabasco over habanera peppers, then Ema Datchi is a must-have. Bhutanese cuisine is not for the faint-hearted… and this is the real deal. All thoughts of dieting was forgotten as I mopped up the sinful stew with the accompanying bread. It was heaven on a plate! 


Kudos to the team of Yeti for their gastronomic expertise and for sharing their culinary passion through the curated menu based on research and travel. I highly recommending ordering in when you're in the mood for simple, sumptuous Himalayan cuisine in a rustic- chic ambience. Bon Appétit!