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Wasabi By Morimoto is a milestone in Indian culinary history. Few imagined that authentic Japanese cuisine would be a resounding success despite the collaboration between the Taj group and worldwide acclaimed 'Iron Chef' Masaharu Morimoto but today it's the go-to fine dine restaurant for discerning foodies who know their sushi and are willing to pay the price — after all they appreciate the logistics involved in importing fresh seafood and wasabi from Tsujuki! Hey, don't let the pricing deter you because once you've eaten at this legendary restaurant, the lure of personalised service and painstakingly made dishes… the luxurious ambience and sleek interiors will lure you back!


Coming to my review… having dined at Wasabi By Morimoto, Taj Mahal Palace And Towers Mumbai during my three-day stay there, I was looking forward to dinner at its Delhi outpost. Walking in, my friends and I were taken to a reserved table where we perused the expansive menu and couldn't figure which of the succulent signature dishes to order — 'Black Cod In Miso', 'White Fish Carpaccio', 'Toro Tartare' or 'Pork Kakuni'? Perceiving our confusion, the management suggested we begin with sushi [made by Japanese chefs handpicked by Morimoto] and we finally ordered 'Spicy Salmon Roll'. The sushi — which I liberally dabbed with fresh wasabi — was spine-tingling delicious. Although I've relished spicy salmon rolls several times, this was "transported to culinary heaven" sushi… I don't think it could've been better!


And then the entrées arrived. The chef has 'Black Cod In Miso' down to a science; the fish is cured in traditional Japanese style — first in a bed of salt and then under a muslin cloth dripping with miso, for three days. So if you like seafood, this off-the-hook fresh, perfectly flaked fish marinated in miso is to die for! I loved its artistic presentation but what stood out the most were the flavours and textures, crafted with the finest ingredients. I was beginning to perceive why Wasabi has such a loyalist clientele. And then came 'Pork Kakuni' where the meat flown in from Kobe had been slow-cooked for eighteen hours to give it melt-in-the-mouth juicy texture. The presentation was Instagram-worthy and we whipped out our phones to capture the culinary moment before relishing each bite. Lastly, we were served YellowTail Jalapeño Carpaccio — each bite was smooth, with a citrus— soy tang and Jalapeño kick! Sinfully sumptuous.Blissfully content, I declined dessert although Green Tea Ice Cream, Tofu Cheesecake and Chocolate Tar were luring my tastebuds, and sat back in adze with another flute of wine. It was the perfect evening.


Reminiscing back to the dinner peppered with delightful conversation and camaraderie, if you like authentic Japanese cuisine, and don't mind paying the pretty steep price, you should go! There is much to appreciate at Wasabi By Morimoto. The management is warm, welcoming and proficient, the chefs are happy to meet diners and make thoughtful suggestions, and dishes are insanely sumptuous. PS good news for vegetarians — the strong vegetarian menu proudly stands up to the non-veg best-sellers. In a nutshell — dining here is worth every pretty penny even if it's one of the most expensive restaurants in the nation!! I know I won't wait for a special occasion to return!