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To enjoy Veda Cafe, dine with friends or family, the more the merrier! That proved to be the case over dinner with friends whose comments about the culinary experience provided a balanced consensus to this review.

Walking in, I admired the vintage kitsch interiors with bulb shaped light fixtures and murals on the wall, which created a perfect ambience for the cuisine which is a fabulous combination of traditional Indian dishes and the most delicious regional street food. To get the best selection of the diverse assortment of dishes we strategized our order. 'Palak Patta Chaat' was the first pick followed by 'Vada Pav'. Our server was knowledgeable and attentive while the manager's tips were key to this evening's success. But before I dive into appetisers and entrées I must mention the flavourful 'Mixed Fruit Mojito' that kickstarted our evening (I just had to order seconds!). Now I'm not a fan of spinach but this spinach chaat changed my perspective. It was crisp and flavourful! This was followed by Vada Pav (which I devour by the dozen in Mumbai and this was as good!). The Kolkata Egg Roll that followed would give the real Mccoy competition (it made me reminisce of the iconic Nizam Rolls). All of us agreed it was delicious: recommended for flavour and quality.. with not an ounce of fat! I would surely order it on my next visit!

As the lively conversation flowed we ordered assorted platters of kebabs for entrees. The 'Sigri Tikka' was freshly prepared on charcoal with a soft texture that chewed easily while 'Achari Fish Tikka' and ‘Galouti Kebabs’ were tender and meaty.. infused with smoked flavour which made them finger lickin' good. The Veda Grill Chicken was light and moist with the red chilli and garam masala adding a zing to the familiar taste. No wonder it was an overall favourite! The first bite is deceiving.. a savoury creamy taste that slowly builds up the temperature. Reflecting back on our dinner in a chic ambience.. there's definitely a tradition at Veda Cafe--to make sure customers go home satisfied with a memorable meal experience that's complemented by good service. Bon Appetite! (12.9.2014)