Indian restaurants

"Wine. Dinner. Dancing". Thats how I would describe an evening in The Wine Company — an idyllic alfresco wine bar that balances wines with small plates. Wooden barrels double up as tables with high chairs. Dishes of the day are chalked on blackboards. Couples share a romantic meal, groups of friends wolf down pizza, and everyone drinks lots of wine! Boasting 120+ labels, the wine shop tucked in a corner provides guests with an option of purchasing wine from different countries and getting it served on the table either by-the-glass or bottle. Impressive.


My friend and I visited the wine bar last weekend and were ushered to a table with high chairs — the sole empty one as we had reservations. Perusing the wine and food menus, and feeling like a wine virgin, I requested the manager to craft a wine dinner… and he made the meal a pleasure that bears repeating. I must mention here that to appreciate the breadth and scope of the menu, visit the bistro with a small group of friends and order appetisers and entrees that you can share! Coming back to the meal, appetiser was first to arrive and threw me off the hook — was it a crisp pizza or a gigantic papad?! The server explained it was "Carari Roti". Made of corn flour, the bowl-shaped roti was laced with parsley, chilli powder and chaat masala! Errr. What followed next was delightful. The server placed four glasses of wine in front of both of us and poured "Royance Semillon", "Royance Bordeaux Blend", "Petirrojo Sauvignon Blanch" and "Petirrojo Cabernet Sauvignon" — paired with salad, appetisers, pizzas, pasta and entree. The "beetroot, goat cheese and chicken salad" whetted our appetite for "Sizzling Prawns" cooked in white wine, star anise, garlic, onion, cherry tomato and red chilli and "Sheesh Touk Skewers”; the flavour and textures demonstrated the chef's mastery and was wolfed down in no time! As the clock ticked, the DJ switched from mellow music to EDM. Animated conversation and camaraderie was the vibe and then the pizzas — “Chicken and Jalapeño Pizza" and "Ground Lamb Pizza" — were served. If you haven't had pizza here, you're missing something as it's the kind with thick cheese and zesty marinara flavours. Truly terrific! 


A sommelier visited our table as each course was served and advised us why we should team it with the wine he suggested. Feeling giddy with wines, heady music and sumptuous bites, we were ready for the next course — pasta! The "Crispy Bacon and Chorizo Risotto" and "Fussili with Basil Pesto" were flavourful seductive teasers to the entree — "Nut and Herb Crusted Basa". Perfectly seared to keep the moisture in and served with sautéed vegetables and garlic mash, the basa was off-the-hook i.e. exploding with fresh flavours… it was that good! Ending the languorous meal two hours later, I highly recommend this wine bar and restaurant for a romantic meal under a canopy with fairy lights or wine and dine in a high-spirited ambience indoors. Bon Appetite!