Indian restaurants

Hooray! We found another one it's definitely a "keeper". I'm talking about The China House by QBA. Defining the split-level restaurant (private dining on the upper floor) is a chic ambience with umbrellas hanging from a high ceiling and metal orchids embellished into the wall (both sourced from Thailand). The finesse of wooden furniture and Chinese lighting makes it snug. Once we were seated events moved fast when Operation Manager Amit Sudan came over to greet us and took charge of the ordering after he served Dad chilled Tsingtao beer (a refreshing light beer from China) and virgin mojito for me and then discussed culinary preferences. 

I clearly remember when this first appetizer arrived.. it was a sumptuous platter of 'Butter Prawns'. I still remember the stimulation of taste buds with each bite of this Chef's Special. The prawns were marinated in butter-milk-and-Oriental sauce—topped with a egg-based delicate mesh! I rarely have seconds (esp. when I'm on a diet) but this called for a second helping. A must-have! Next to arrive was assorted dimsums. 'Garlic Chicken' and 'Pak Choi Spinach' were soft and flavorful but the crowning glory was 'Water Chestnut Shrimp'. The dimsums were steamed and flavored impeccably and could be enjoyed with or without the trio of sauces that accompanied. Up next was another favorite—'Silken Black Pepper Tofu'. The fragrance from this vegetarian treat further taunted my appetite and was far more flavorful than it appeared: melt-in-the-mouth soft and flavorful. Our last appetizer was 'Crispy Fish in Chilli Garlic Sauce'. The server placed several portions on our plates and as we tasted a forkful it was indeed fresh and savory. At this point the Operations Manager returned to inquire about our experience and was pleased to see us basking in the glow of fine cuisine.

For entrées we ordered 'Steamed Fish with Lemon Chilli Garlic' and 'Sliced Chicken in Chilli Basil Sauce' with a side of egg fried rice—and then added 'Vegetable Soba Noodles' to the mix when Amit Sudan recommended it as their signature. The chicken entrée was blended in a distinctly spiced basic sauce which I found easier to eat with rice to "cut" the spiciness. Stuffed to the seams our taste buds were mercilessly taunted when the aromatic final entrée was placed on the table. The server expertly cut through this steaming fish and placed several portions on our plates. It was fresh tangy and super delicious!! The laidback luncheon wound up at 3 p.m. with 'Fig and Date Pancakes with Vanilla Ice Cream'. Trust me: though it's a staple it ended our meal on a delicious note. 

Eating at The China House exceeded our expectations. The management did a remarkable job preparing these dishes so that everything was always fresh and succulent. Bon Appetite! (26.7.2014)