Indian restaurants

When a friend invited me to a Psychedelic bash on the beach, I visited Thalassa adjacent to it instead and was once again reminded why I love Goa. It's hard not to be captivated by the majesty of the shores of North Goa gleaming in the moonlight when viewed from the vantage point of the café. However Thalassa is more than just a Greek café... it's one of Goa's tourist attractions and has a charming store where can shop for adorable Resort wear!!


Tourists and locals enjoy coming to Thalassa because of its ambience and hearty meals. Mariketty Grana from Corfu is legendary with a warm countenance and is known as a serious scholar of Greek cuisine. 'It's not easy to run a restaurant here' she grins. 'But I can handle it! I'm serving you food from my heart' she tells us and adds 'I make it a point to advertise specifying I need educated people to work for Thalassa. I am working so hard in the kitchen to make a moussaka and if you've come here, never eaten it before and the waiter doesn't know how to explain its importance then it's a waste of hard work.' As we sit at a table with wicker chairs overlooking Vagator Beach with palms swaying, the waiter suggests a platter of olives and pitta followed by souvlaki and mousakka.


Nothing my friends and I ate was below par and some dishes — the souvlaki for one — are worth a trip to Goa! We began our culinary excursion with pita bread accompanied by olives and each bite released its juicy spiciness. Next up was Souvlaki. The meat garnished with sliced tomatoes and onions, sauced with tzatziki, and wrapped in a grilled pitta was a sensory feast. Stuffed to the brim, the cheese-infused moussaka was a temptation we did not have the heart to resist! It had three layers: a bottom layer of sautéed aubergine slices, middle layer of ground lamb cooked with onion, garlic and herbed tomatoes and a top layer of egg custard. The dish was baked until the top layer browned... and each bite was heavenly.


One of the reasons why the food is so good here is the lady behind the kitchen doors! Her unbridled enthusiasm is contagious. She loves what she does and injects it into the meals she whips up. I can assure you this is a popular favorite as there's a just-plucked freshness that separates Thalassa from the fashionable restaurants that keep popping up relentlessly. Plus the management handle themselves well and are humble and hard-working. I believe they'll go places and I'm sure you'll agree once you have been there too. Bon Appétit.