Indian restaurants

There are good cafes and there are great cafes. Tapri [translates as 'small, temporary shed'] is a great alfresco cafe that lighted its path since 2010 as a favourite among locals and tourists alike and it's really because of its sheer variety of tea, simple savouries and a breathtaking view of Prithviraj Gardens.

Having heard so much about it, I went over to Tapri during my visit to Jaipur last week and was surprised to find a bustling, hip cafe with all the energy of a pub! There are many who thrive on this buzz… it's like being in a UN social party since I heard people on adjacent tables speaking in different languages... united in their love for tea. Fascinating. Believe me, though, the tea's so good though, you’ll be oblivious to any distraction. Perusing the menu, I ordered a pot of 'Loud Herb'... the peppermint, lemongrass and rose stimulated and refreshed my palate. Hungry after a bout of shopping, I also ordered 'Sautéed Tofu' and 'Jacket Potatoes'. The sautéed tofu, bell peppers and olives was fresh and flavourful and I loved the textural quality of jacket potatoes—dripping with melted butter—as well. Yum! It was a joyful dish which didn't overstuff! Next time. I'll be back for khakhra pizza and vada pav!

Impressed with the quirky-chic cafe—with a fabulous view—I did a little research and found out that the driving force behind Tapri's ambience and menu are Ankit Bohra and Saurabh Bapana, who left banking jobs in Mumbai to set up 'a tea shop' in Jaipur; the duo exemplifies what's required to create a successful synergistic relationship, armed with Saurabh's love for food and Ankit's creativity. Reminiscing about my experience, I highly recommend a visit to Tapri for breakfast or tea. In fact I look forward to revisiting many times in the future. Until then, bon appetit!