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I've said it about Asian Haus and and I'll say it again about the restaurateur's second home delivery service. I used to crave my favourite cuisine after a long day at work but calling in for fresh sushi was not an option… until the launch of Sushi Haus. If you are a sushi aficionado, you will truly appreciate the high quality sushi dining experience, in the privacy and comfort of home, right out of well packaged, sushi boxes with little bottles of wasabi, pickled ginger and soya sauce; all you have to do is peel off the wrapper and dig in! This is not a culinary fantasy — I’m penning a review of the sushi delivery service that's loved and relished by Gurgaon. Yes, Kula Naidu pioneered the upscale home-delivery trend and focusing on a niche is going to be a game-changer in the business!!


A huge fan of sushi, I ordered a selection from the vast menu… and awaited for the boxes to arrive. It was bang on time with four pieces in each box! The first I tried was Spicy Salmon Roll! This colourful roll was packed with salmon, spring onion, tanuka and spicy mayo. From the first bite I knew that fresh, quality ingredients were used! Delicious!! The Ebi Maki, with prawns, white sesame seed and wasabi exploded with flavour as I savoured each bite. Up next, the presentation of Red Dragon Roll was both striking and elegant, with a marriage of tuna and salmon enhanced by  fresh avocado. The thin sliced succulent roll seemed to dissolve on the tongue with a dollop of wasabi atop each one adding a zing to the ocean's bounty. The last one was Edamame California Roll — edamame with fiery sesame dressing. Vegan sushi lovers — this one's for you!


There are other sushi creations on the menu such as Tuna Maki, Prawn Tempura Roll, Yellowtail Maki and a fine selection of sashimi. The home delivery service also has options of bento boxes and customised platters if you place an order a day in advance! Reminiscing about my experience, I cannot help feeling Sushi Haus will soon be a name associated with at—home sushi dining for those of us who relish the freshness, flavour and quality of the ingredients used. Itadakemasu!