Indian restaurants

During lockdown, I have been dialling in for fresh, flavourful food so when I got a call from a friend to try Speedy Chow from Azure Hospitality — pegged as authentic Pan Asian cuisine, packed stylishly, priced well — I was excited. What makes it special? The team prepares some of the simplest, succulent dishes I've had in a while! What's more, each dish gets cooked once you place an order!


Now I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the starters and entrees but I was pleasantly surprised at how the team packaged all dishes and condiments so well: warm, sealed and safe. Up first were the starters —  'Mr. Chow Chilli Honey Potatoes', 'Chilli Chicken', 'Shanghai Spring Rolls' and 'Tibetan- style momos' — classic starters that were finger- lickin good. For entrées, the chef had sent us his fiery signatures, 'Chicken in Szechwan Sauce' and 'Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce' complemented with chowmein and egg fried rice. I loved the aroma and portioned some of the chicken onto the fried rice on my plate. The first forkful was heavenly and I quickly went in for seconds!


Reflecting on the dining experience, no corners were cut in providing a simple sumptuous meal. The chefs did a remarkable job in the execution of the order so the dishes were fresh, hot and delicious. I highly recommend ordering from Speedy Chow. I'll be back browsing the menu for bento boxes and rice bowls as it's pretty easy on the pocket! Bon Appetite!