Indian restaurants

While boot camp with your besties makes for great bonding, catching up over cold brew is underrated—particularly when the temperature is soaring. I'm talking about the new cafe in town, Soul Pantry, where all my attempts to be objective and critical receded as I succumbed to the spell of gastronomic perfection. Sitting back with 'Anti Aging', a refreshing cold brew with rock salt, jaggery, tamarind and soda, and perusing the concise menu, my friend and I observed that the culinary team had pushed the envelope to present sumptuous wellness cuisine.


Lighting its path as a favourite among the hoteliers and corporates at Aerocity, hotel residents and foodies since its launch two months back, it's really because Soul Pantry embraces a nutritional philosophy that emphasises wellness. There is a no-maida policy so all flatbreads are made with grains like ragi, amaranth, buckwheat, barley, and finger millet. Simply choose a flatbread and healthy toppings like avocado hummus, five farmed cheeses, pork belly or Goan chorizo! I ordered a wholewheat flatbread with minced lamb, buffalo mozzarella,tomato and masala-spiced onion while my friend chose a buckwheat flatbread with avocado hummus, chickpea, mint and chilli. Both were artistically presented and the first bite drew appreciative murmurs and a glazed expression. Since we were stuffed [the smallest of the three sizes is pretty large!], we promised ourselves we would be back for the nutrition bowls since chef had advised us that Feta Bowl and Artisan Rice Bowl [their take on Kolkata's jhaal muri] are hot-sellers. Team it with a yogurt-based smoothie whipped with kale, flax seeds, jaggery, organic honey, cinnamon, chia seeds, ginger or lentil. Got a sweet tooth? Try the flatbreads with banana chocolate, baked yogurt or sweet apple toppings. Fibrous and deelish!!


Reflecting on the experience, it's easy to see why discerning foodies have a love affair with Soul Pantry at first bite — the cafe- with- a- conscience [and an expansive view of Aerocity] gives you an opportunity to indulge. People who have dined here appreciate the straightforwardness of guilt-free goodies and it's easy to understand why they are attracted to a meal that is wholesome, nutritious and sumptuous. It's food you can believe in. I highly recommend a visit — you can spend hours alone with a book or laptop or reserve the community table for friends and family. Bon Appetite!