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SodaBottleOpenerWala pays tribute to the legacy of an Irani cafe in a fun quirky ambience. I have been meaning to visit since 2013 when it threw open its doors at Cyber Hub Gurgaon but the distance played truant with culinary plans. So when the second outlet opened at Khan Market I added it to my must-dine list! Due to extensive travel, the opportunity came forth recently. Walking in, I was transported into an Iranian cafe suspended in time. Cuckoo clocks.. antique framed images of Irani cafes and Bombay street life.. nankatais sold on the counter.. antique black telephones and bric a brac. However what diverted my attention from the beautiful interiors was the television- Retro music- and toy train chugging on tracks suspended from the walls! There was just too much going on! 


Choosing a table by the window, I perused the menu packed with Parsi and Irani specialties—and Mumbai street food. To get the best selection of dishes the Chef recommended specialties—and I happily agreed as the cuisine was alien territory. I must stop here to mention that though I had brought a magazine since I was lunching alone I did not have the opportunity to open it since service was quick and efficient. 'Spicy Mushroom on Khari' was the chef's first pick followed by 'Kolmi Fry'. The mushroom and cheese spread on khari was a delicious snack while the freshly-prepared and spiced prawns was seared to give a hint of doneness with a texture that chewed easily which made it a finger-lickin' good appetiser. Accompanying these snacks was 'Raspberry Soda' packed with fresh raspberries. A good beginning to a memorable meal! Moving on I was served the most anticipated 'Eggs Kejriwal'—toast slathered with melting cheese topped with fried eggs blended with green chilli and spring onions. I took time to savour this one! Moving on to the entree, I was served 'Mutton Berry Pulao' with berries and nuts blended with mutton stock. It's a great dish—recommended for flavour and quality—one I would return for! 


Lunch ended on a sweet note with 'Lagun Nu Custard' which I relished due to its fresh homemade goodness. Indeed, a satisfying meal!! Do visit SodaBottleOpenerWala when you have a yen for Parsi cuisine. Bon Appetite!


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SodaBottleOpenerWala. Middle Lane. Khan Market. New Delhi

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