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Sirocco has been successful in developing a clientele since it opened in Crowne Plaza Jaipur; as a diner I feel the spacious all-day dining alfresco restaurant sets the mood but the real focus is on food: the dishes show artistic creativity in preparation and presentation due to the expertise of Executive Chef Vikash Prasad. 


There are no easy choices when approaching Sirocco's expansive menu — especially when all of them hint "try me" with voluptuous descriptions — so I requested Chef to serve signatures. He gave me fresh lime soda and assured me lunch would be fresh and flavourful because he sticks by his policy to begin preparing the dishes only when the order is confirmed. Impressive. Lunch began with 'Mushroom Cappuccino'. Chef's version was simple with a peppery essence that perked it. It was laden with mushroom and vegetable stock with a hint of nutmeg, garlic and clove that had homemade earthiness. Up next was fruit salad shaped into small balls on a chocolate tray… masterful in its presentation and refreshing to the palate! The third appetiser — 'Hummus with Pita Bread' — was delicious as I scooped a spoonful of dip that boasted a rich, nutty character into a pita envelope and relished it. For entrées, he sent out classic European favourites that made lunch a memorable pleasure that bears repeating. It was awhile since I had tender crab risotto and I relished each creamy bite! Just as I was satiated, the chef returned with the last entree — 'grilled sea bass on a bed of mash'. The sea bass was ''off-the-hook'' fresh and well seasoned, and combined with mash potatoes, was perfect comfort food. It was meticulously prepared with a diversity of flavours and textures that demonstrated the Chef's mastery of the art. Lunch ended on a sweetly sinful note with an artistic 'Layered Chocolate Pastry' surrounded by a white chocolate halo!


There was a lot more happening at the show kitchens, counters and pizza oven and I sure am going to savour that on my next trip. Reflecting on my experience, I recommend Sirocco for sumptuous continental cuisine embellished with courteous, knowledgeable service. Buon appetito!