Indian restaurants

The maxim "build it and they will come" certainly applies to Shanghai Club. What I found remarkable about the Pan Asian restaurant in ITC Grand Central is emphasis on quality and detailing from the design aesthetics to the presentation of the dishes which had me reaching out for a phone too often to take photographs of the culinary composition!! What most people don't know is that they can escape to indulge in an elaborate meal here. I use the word "escape" because that's what you do to get away from the commonplace and in the case, like I did, you'll discover the difference between regular and exceptional — and complete credit goes to none other than Chef Shrey Sood who discussed our preferences and whipped up bespoke dishes!


We soon discovered that the chef's intent was to create exceptional dishes which were artistically compelling, and to tailor it to our preferences, light and flavorsome. So my friend and I embarked on the culinary journey with a platter of assorted dimsums — steamed vegetable wantons, prawn crystal dumplings and chicken shao mai. Each dimsum was distinct, indicative care was taken in their selection. But the best was yet to come — "Steamed Chashao Bao". The steamed buns filled with tender, sweet, slow-roasted pork were melt-in-the-mouth sumptuous and we couldn't help requesting for seconds! "Steamed Scampi" was up next. It was visually appealing — and as promised by the chef — light, off-the-hook fresh and flavoursome seafood!


There was much camaraderie and conversation as my friend and I had met after a while. And then the entrees were served — "StirFried Pork Tenderloin With Oyster Sauce", "Steamed Basa In Guizhou Sauce" and "Stir Fried Chinese Greens with burnt garlic" and a side of steamed rice. The stir-fried fried pork was fibrous and wholesome. but the crowning glory was the basa in the chefs signature guizhou sauce — the savoury black bean chili sauce made with aromatic fermented black beans was the perfect accompaniment to the freshest basa ever! Blissful doesn't come close to describing the flavours! When the final dish was placed before us I can't tell you how wonderful the fragrance of Chinese greens was… delicious and healthy!! We also discovered that no matter how full you can get from eating the most lightweight flavourful food there's always room for dessert and we marvelled at just how sweet and juicy the raspberry sorbet was. Reminiscing back to the luncheon, the chefs willingness to whip up bespoke dishes and the efficient service, I highly recommend Shanghai Club for flavorsome authentic Chinese cuisine… it's certainly a place I'd return to on subsequent trips to Mumbai. Bon Appétit.