Indian restaurants

I first reviewed Punjab Grill back in 2013. It was one time I was delighted I was reviewing their winter menu and had fallen in love with Chef Gurpreet's 'Chukandar Ke Kebab' i.e. crisp beetroot kebabs with hung curd and pine nut stuffing… So when I heard that the restaurant now had a delivery menu, I placed an order and awaited for dinner. It was bang on time, and as expected, each dish was packaged neatly and safely, in sealed boxes.


Now I'm a kebab devotee and began dinner with the classic 'Murgh Malai Tikka'. I don't know how the chef did it but it registered as a totally new experience that demonstrated good marinating can do amazing things… and I relished the textural quality of fresh chicken. It might have received more attention had it not been served alongside 'Mattar Tikka'. The kind of kebab that makes vegetarians proud… it was so spicy and sumptuous I was afraid I'd eat my knife and fork as rapidly as I consumed the melt- in- the- mouth kebab. Not for the faint- hearted — spicy is a serious understatement!! Accompanying the kebabs were tandoori roti and spicy dal tadka. Fabulous comfort food!


In retrospect, Punjab Grill still tops the charts for North-Indian cuisine. Amit Burman knows what he's doing and the growing number of fans prove it. For a first class taste of Punjab that's priced just right… order in. Bon appétit!