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When I read Chef Vikramjit Roy’s emotional post on his newest delivery service 'Park Street Rolls And Biryani', I knew it was a lucky throw of the dice for discerning diners in Delhi NCR — and couldn't wait to order in. A Calcutta kid, his post made me long for culinary treats that had been a part of my daily life for twenty years… and then I shifted to Delhi. Per his post, ''Serving food that I have grown up eating through the streets of Park Street to Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, to the small hawkers on wheels in the suburbs… From iconic rolls of Nizam's to Aminia's Biryani, to the fabulous Phuchkas and Aloo Kabli from Victoria Memorial, these are dishes which encapsulate the nostalgia of one the most iconic food capitals.''


What makes it the most talked about place within weeks of its launch? Chef Vikramjit Roy ensures everything is perfect and up to his stringent standard. It is his vision, passion and talent that leads 'Park Street Rolls And Biryani'. So, when I got an opportunity to review the dishes last night, I grabbed it. Perusing the well-priced menu, I was spoilt for choice; what stunned me was how much the chef has packed into the concise menu. 'Jackfruit Masala Bao, Sirka Pyaaz', 'Tangra Style Chilli Paneer', 'Durga Puja Ghoogni' and 'Achari Paneer Roll' will lure vegetarians while 'Kosha Mangsho Bao Sirka Pyaaz','Chicken Chaap' and 'Handi Chicken Biryani' is the tip of the non-veg berg. And, of course, streetfood, snacks and sweets… so I left it to Chef to curate dinner.


Reminiscing about last night's feast, I marvel how the team packaged a box of phuchka and condiments, Achari Paneer Roll, Double Chicken Roll, Jackfruit Masala Bao, Chicken Sirka Pyaaz, Handi Chicken Biryani, Durga Puja Ghoogni and Kaali Gaajar Ka Halwa… and felt like Alice tumbling down the proverbial hole. The delivery boy came on time with well-packaged piping hot dishes and dinner began with my teenage staple — phuchkas. Safe and hygienic, the phuchka puris and the filling were packed in plastic bags and the imli paani in a bottle. Heavenly! Next on the cards was Jackfruit Masala Bao; the steamed buns filled with spiced jackfruit were insanely deelish, a dish I would be ordering time and again! I then turned my attention to the iconic chicken kathi roll and a bite transported me back to the early Nineties where evening strolls down Park Street in Calcutta would end in Hot Kati Roll. It may not have been the 'it' roll shop and one would rarely find tourists there, but its popularity with locals grew manifold over the decades. To get a taste of Kolkata, do order from the wide selection of kathi rolls made with soft fluffy roti and maple filling, from the menu of 'Park Street Rolls And Biryani'. I know I will!


Moving on to the entrees, I tried 'Durga Puja Ghoogni'. Scooping the piping hot, spiced white peas and potatoes with the accompanying luchi, I was in culinary heaven once again. All of these dishes have a special place in my heart because of the memories they evoke. The ghoogni is streetfood I used relished with friends during Pujas perhaps two decades back… and the one before me last night was a hundred per cent authentic. Emotional, I finished it off in no time! My parents tried Chicken Sirka Pyaaz and mentioned that the fresh picked chicken was sumptuous when scooped up with tandoori roti. Last, but not the least, was the crowing glory: Handi Chicken Biryani, packed with meat, boiled eggs and potatoes. For dessert, there was the artisanal Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa and Phirni. Instagram-worthy presentation and insanely sumptuous!!


Reminiscing about my experience, I can perceive why 'Park Street Rolls And Biryani' has quickly become a favourite with discerning diners who relish Kolkata cuisine and streetfood made with fresh quality ingredients and authentic flavour. Well done, Chef Vikramjit Roy. You are enroute to placing Kolkata streetfood on the culinary map. Bon Appetite!