Indian restaurants

If you love dimsums as I do then you must dine at Pan-Asian restaurant Oriental Spice for its assortment of sumptuous dimsums and dumplings. Located on the mezzanine of Pride Palace, Chef Sanjeev Gosai has been quietly preparing some of the tastiest Oriental food I've had in a while! How did I find out about this relatively new restaurant? I was staying at the luxury business hotel in Aerocity and made my way there after cocktails at Stallion Bar.


Now dim sum translates as "to touch your heart" and that's what these delicacies do!! While waiting for a friend to join me, I perused the menu and was both surprised and impressed by the variety of vegetable, chicken and seafood dim sums and dumplings. The service was efficient and I had half a dozen dishes as the chef had a continuous procession of these appetisers delivered to the table and was genuinely happy to see us savouring the flavors and relishing its delicate texture. The "Crab Stick Dumpling" was steamed to a perfectly delicate state and tinged with mint… this was my favorite and one I would come back for! Other delicacies were "Xiao Long Bao", "Rainbow Jaozi" and "Pan Fried Spinach Corn Dim Sum".  We ate from basket to basket relishing the melt-in-your-mouth dim sums and dumplings. Up next was "Wasabi Prawns" and "Fried Chicken Dumplings". Although wasabi prawns was too mild… the fried dumplings — which I liberally slathered with the accompanying spicy mayonnaise dip — was delicious!!


Once we moved on to heartier dishes I was rewarded for dining here! Up next was "Sichuan Poached Prawns" served with a portion of egg fried rice. I loved its fragrance and portioned some out onto the fried rice on my plate. The first forkful was heavenly and since I'm a sea-foodie I quickly went in for seconds!! The "Jungle Curry" i.e. Asian vegetables in spicy Thai curry, served with steamed rice, was beyond sumptuous. A must-have for vegans! And then the server brought us "Chicken North Hill Noodles". The egg noodles stir fried with chicken and Asian vegetables was hearty and paved the way for the last entree: "Drunken Chicken" steeped in rice wine.  i have added this traditional Oriental dish several times and its success depends on the ratio of curry: wine as upping the wine quotient can make it bitter. Chef Gosai used what seemed equal parts wine and broth and it was the purr-fect end to a sumptuous Oriental meal!


Though we were packed to the brim we just could not resist his signature dessert — "Coconut Pumpkin Mousse". Its sweet silken texture was heaven in a bowl! Based on my experience, I recommend Oriental Spice at Hotel Pride Plaza for its sumptuous dishes, chic presentation and warm, efficient service. Bon appétit! (13.4.2016)