Indian restaurants

During this nationwide lockdown, I have been dialling in for fresh, flavourful food from a few places and one of them is Noshi — the delivery branch of restaurant chain, Yum Yum Cha. Why do I trust them? I have been acquainted with restaurateur Varun Tuli since years when he opened Yum Yum Tree in my neighbourhood and served the most sumptuous Oriental food; he even had a conveyor belt for sushi! Today, he runs a successful casual dining chain, Yum Yum Cha. So when I read a positive review about its delivery service by Vir Sanghvi, I knew it was time to place an order… and today it's loved and relished by me almost every day.


The menu has it all from dim sum and sushi to soup, salads, wok and curries. 'Tofu, Asparagus- Soy Chilli Garlic', 'Spicy Hot Pot' and 'Basil Vegetables' lure vegetarians while 'Coriander Lamb', 'Thai Style Basil Chicken', 'Cantonese Style Fish- Soy Ginger' and 'Lantern Chilli Prawns' is the tip of the non-veg berg. All curries are served with Basmati rice. In a mood for soup and dumplings? There are pages devoted to it! The crowning glory however is the off- the- hook- fresh sushi — Unagi BBQ Eel Nigiri, Salmon And Truffle Sashimi, Ebi Prawn Tempura. The result? A culinary experience that strikes a delicate balance between modern style, classic technique and old-fashioned gourmet pleasure. I'm a die-hard fan of noshi for all of the above including strict attention to detail right from the stylish packaging, sumptuous cuisine and generous condiments. Moreover, consistent quality and service is why I order in — a lot! My favourites? 'Thai Style Basil Chicken'. Or the light melt-in-the-mouth 'Vietnamese Chilli Fish'.


Reminiscing about yesterdays luncheon, I marvel at how the team packaged Fish, Soy Garlic and accompanying basmati rice in separate boxes, with condiments i.e. Crispy Chilli Oil, Spicy Red Chilli so well one doesn't miss going out for a meal! So if you haven't tried Noshi — order in and get bowled over by a Pan Asian meal I guarantee wouldn't get delivered at your doorstep with most stringent hygiene and polite valet, from anyplace else. Bon Appetit!