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Nando's is famed for whipping up succulent chicken since the Afro-Portuguese chain spread its wings and opened outlets in India back in 2010. The spacious restaurant features original South African art, Afro beats add to the vibe and then there's the piece-de-resistance — Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken! What makes it special? The chicken is marinated for 24 hours in their secret sauce until the flavour seeps right into the bone; it's then flame-grilled and basted in our choice of sauce. So when I heard they had added new dishes to the menu… it was time for a visit!


Walking in on a slow weekday afternoon at their outlet in DLF Mall Of India, I didn't worry about the time it would take to get service — here it always takes less than five minutes to select 'appeteasers' and entrees, season it to your liking, have it flame-grilled and basted in your choice of sauce — and it's and ready to eat. Browsing through the menu, I ordered a bottle of water since they dont have liquor license yet with my favourite appeteasers 'Spicy Mixed Olives' and 'Peri Wedges', then ordered ‘gourmet burger' from their new entrees. Within minutes, a server brought me the appeteasers. A fan of olives… the assorted olives with garlic, pepper and chilli was divine! As was my favourite wedges which I timidly dipped in Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce! The sauce — though real fiery for first-timers — is flavourful as its blended with spices, sun-ripened lemons, onion, garlic and African Bird's Eye Chilli! Delicious… and just when I was in a flavourful haze… my gourmet burger arrived. Now I didn't really know what to expect when I had ordered it but it was packed with fillet of chicken breast, halloumi and mushroom, smothered in birds Eye Chilli Jam, it was sumptuous. Up next was a platter of chicken marinated overnight in peri-peri sauce and flame-grilled… beyond flavourful!


All said, Nando's is a fast, fresh and fun dining experience. It’s found a niche, satisfying cravings for well marinated chicken, cooked and seasoned your way!! Bon Appetite!


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Fast Facts

Nando's. Third Floor. DLF Mall Of India, Noida.

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