Indian restaurants

During this lockdown, I have been dialling in for fresh, flavourful food from very few places so when I got a call from Ram Chugh to try the Nando's experience I was excited. Why? Nando’s is famed for whipping up flame-grilled chicken since the Afro-Portuguese chain spread its wings and opened outlets in India in 2010. For those who didn't know, Nando's first opened back in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa. What makes it so special? The chicken is marinated for twenty- four hours in their secret sauce until the flavour seeps right into the bone; it's then flame-grilled and basted in our choice of sauce i.e. Lemon-n-Herb, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot!


Browsing through the menu, I chose 'Half- Chicken' with a side of grilled vegetables and garlic bread, 'Mediterranean Salad' and 'Chocolate Cake'. Now I didn't know what to expect when I ordered but I was pleasantly surprised at how the team packaged all the dishes and condiments so well: warm, sealed and safe. I had ordered three portions, for my parents and I, and each person's meal was packaged in a different bag. Impressive. Luncheon began with Mediterranean Salad. The salad leaves mixed with peppers, spiced olives, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and feta was refreshing and prepped the palate for our piece-de-resistance — chicken breast and thigh basted in hot peri-peri sauce and flame-grilled… beyond sumptuous! The accompanying grilled vegetables and garlic bread made it a nutritious meal rounded off with spongy chocolate cake frosted with dark ganache — heaven in a bowl!


I now have my eye on the gourmet burger with peri- peri fries and corn- on- the- cob. Or flame-grilled chicken thighs stuffed with feta and parsley. Or perhaps paneer and watermelon skewers!! Theres a lot packed into the concise delivery menu. Bon Appetite!