Indian restaurants

I heard through the Goa grapevine that specialty seafood restaurant Morisco is a must-visit for seafood lovers — and that endorsement prompted a visit! Walking in with a friend, I was stunned by the ambience. The alfresco restaurant — with simple cane furniture and interactive kitchen — overlooks the sea and beach stretch. Seated at a table near the entrance, overlooking the sea with waves crashing up to the beach, we perused the menu that tempted our palate. A cheerful server handled our table's assortment of entrees with ease and soon we ordered 'Tiger Prawns' to begin with; I chose 'Wild Salmon' as the entree while my friend preferred the signature 'Whole Grilled Pomfret stuffed and marinated in reichado mix'.


The basket of hot dinner rolls was the first to come and we didn't waste any time putting these away! I tried the fresh 'Water Melon and Mint Martini', the bar's signature cocktail, and this flavourful, fruity concoction enhanced the dining experience. And then the platter of tiger prawns arrived. Its aroma and presentation taunted our appetite and just one bite of prawns rubbed with a blend of spices transported me to culinary heaven (I had to order seconds!). Pretty soon, the server was back with the mains. The wild salmon was exquisite, lightly poached in olive oil rendering it light, moist and delicately flaky. Slow cooking it had released and maintained its natural flavours and juices! Simply sumptuous! My friend mentioned the grilled pomfret marinated in reichado mix and served with steamed rice and vegetables was fresh and flavourful. 


Stuffed and satiated, we preferred a round of martini to dessert, as we chilled out and admired waves crashing on the sea shore. Kudos to the kitchen team under the leadership of Executive Chef Amarendra Mishra, whose masterful culinary skills have been instrumental to Morisco's stellar achievements. As for me, the next visit will have to be soon. Bon Appetite!