Indian restaurants

If you love Oriental cuisine as I do then you must visit one of my favorite restaurants, Lotus Pond. Located in New Friends Colony, it has been quietly preparing some of the tastiest Oriental food I've had in a while! How did I find out about this restaurant devoid of red and gold ornamentation and ornate lighting characteristically seen in "traditional" Oriental restaurants? I live down the road — and order from their vast home delivery as the management thoughtfully sends a credit card machine in these times of cash crunch!! Thoughtful service like theirs breeds loyalty.


Coming to the formal review, while waiting for a friend to join me, the manager made a few suggestions based on my preference and I was both surprised and impressed by the variety of vegetarian, meat and seafood starters and entrees. The service was fast and efficient and I had almost a half dozen appetisers as the manager had a continuous procession of dishes sent to the table and was genuinely happy to see me savouring the flavors and relishing the delicate textures. Up first was 'Coconut Galangal-flavoured Prawn Soup'. The classic Thai soup was packed with prawns and mushroom, and I relished it by the spoonful. This was accompanied by 'Sliced Fish with Roasted Szechwan Pepper'—one of those fresh, flavourful dishes that makes it hard to contemplate anything else. 'Butter Chilli Garlic Prawns' is another winner!The fish was tender and soaked in fiery, flavourful sauce while the latter was a generous portion of fresh spicy prawns.


And then my friend arrived. For entrées, the chef recommended their signature dish, 'Spicy Grilled Fish Fillet In Banana Leaves' complemented by 'Chilli Mustard Prawns' and 'Thai Chicken With Cashewnuts and Fresh Chilli' with the vegan 'Stir Fried Zucchini, Bokchoy and Beancurd’ and 'Chinese Greens In Soya and Browned Garlic'. All of this, accompanied by Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice'. The chilli mustard prawns turned out to be the best prawn entree with its aroma lightly permeating the fresh, tender prawns in fiery sauce. And, now for the crowning glory, the fish fillet wrapped in banana leaves — the spicy grilled fish was pure gustatory pleasure and I can now appreciate why diners return routinely for this Indonesian treat, arguably the best in the menu. Is it any wonder then that we were literally scraping it off the banana leaves? Yeah, I highly recommend this to seafood devotees!! Then the chicken arrived. Cashewnuts and fresh chilli laced the sliced chicken. I loved the aroma and portioned some out onto the fried rice I'd put on my plate. The first forkful was heavenly and I went in for seconds! The vegan stir-fry too was flavourful with a generous quantity of zucchini, bokchoy and beancurd laced with soya bean paste. Though we were stuffed, the sight of the signature dessert 'Coconut Roll with Ice Cream' lured us into finishing it in no time!


Reflecting on the experience, Lotus Pond is fairly large and we got the impression no corners were cut in providing a fabulous culinary experience. The chefs did a remarkable job in the execution of the menu so that everything was fresh, hot and delicious. This chic restaurant attracts an eclectic neighbourhood and corporate clientele—looking around, there wee quite a few Chinese or Korean diners which is a great indicator of the dishes' authenticity. I highly recommend dining here with friends and family. I'll be back for sure on the days I am not ordering in! Bon Appetite!