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A split-level 18,000 sq ft alfresco lounge and tapas bar with a commanding view of Connaught Place — the man behind some of the most successful restaurants and lounges in Delhi NCR launched the much-awaited 'Lord Of The Drinks' last week. Packed on any given day, Priyank Sukhija's hotspot has Retro music, mammoth cocktail list, delicious tapas and artistic interiors — including priceless collectors' swords! When it has so much to offer, I can't do it justice with a single review so now I'm going to talk about the tapas I relished and Part II will be a pure cocktail review since the bar boasts of flavourful unique cocktails like whiskey-based mojito!


Already a hotspot for the city's fashionistas, teens and families with a waiting queue that snakes around the block, the decor is neo-casual, minimalist and medieval. But what really makes 'Lord Of The Drinks distinct is its cuisine. The menu is a well conceived and executed result of fine-tuning, experimenting and pushing the envelope to achieve a masterful menu! It's a determined effort to match imagination with experience. I call it the rejuvenation menu, as I could swear I felt light after dinner! I even discovered that what's so enticing about it is that dishes we didn't select were as appealing as those we did — a compelling reason to return! Tapping my foot to Retro favourites, I ordered a melt-in-the-mouth mushroom crostini and smoked chicken bruschetta. Both were light, layered, flavourful. This was followed by finger lickin' delicious keema pav; the chef hails from Mumbai and hence there's a strong influence of Mumbai street-style food. Up next was 'Drums Of Heaven' and 'Lamb Bulgogi'. The shredded lamb poached in chilli paste and sesame oil rendered it light and moist. Slow cooking it released and maintained natural flavours and juices from this succulent lamb. Everything works well with the chicken drums too as it balances taste, texture and portion. I recall using my fingers to hold the drums as I would bite off big chunks of tender, succulent chicken — well-seasoned and infused with natural flavours.


Yes, once again restaurateur Priyank Sukhija has contrived a passionate feast of the senses; the life expectancy of bars and restaurants may be short in general, but the huge property with a lively ambience, pool table, conscientious service, well-priced cocktails and tapas will make ' Lord Of The Drinks'  a game changer! I, for one, can' t wait to visit again and try some more dishes from the menu spanning pizza and pasta, dimsums, Chinese, Indian and European cuisine! Bon Appetite!