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Having heard great reviews of Le Bistro du Parc I'd been meaning to stop by and see if the charming café was living up to its promise. So I took the opportunity of dining there with a friend. Walking in, I observed it's quaint interiors is well-lit with the menu written in chalk on a blackboard; diners have a choice of eating on the terrace if the weather permits.


Taking a table and perusing the menu on the blackboard, it felt really nice to see the chef spending time with diners and directing servers. Now to the food. My friend and I ordered 'Parisienne Salad' to begin and for entrees I went with 'Coq–au–Vin' while my friend chose 'Lamb Confit with Red Onion Jam'. The weather was awesome and it was ethereal observing the lush foliage soaking up the sunshine as we sipped wine and then our server brought us the salad. The platter of mixed leaves, ham, eggs, gherkins tomatoes, baby potatoes laced with mustard mayo was fresh and crafted to maintain the crisp cellular integrity that keeps it crunchy and flavourful. Following another glass of red wine and much camaraderie, our entrees were served. The red wine-braised chicken leg with garlic mash, mushrooms, bacon and jus was better than I'd thought it'd be. It was filling, flavourful and light on the palate. My friend mentioned the confit was mouthwatering as the tender lamb released a bouquet of flavors when topped with red onion jam. The meal ended on a sweet note with 'Cheese Cake Du Jour'.


In retrospect I'd return to this café time and again although I'd make lunch hour my next visit just to perceive the change in ambiance… plus the brunch menu is playing Pied Pier. I can feel the tug again!! Bon appétit.