Indian restaurants

To enjoy Lazeez Affaire, dine with friends or family...the more the merrier! That however did not prove to be the case  during my quick luncheon while I was in Sundernagar for some shopping and realised I was famished! Having been to restaurateur Priyank Sukhija's restaurants and lounges — each with a distinct theme and cuisine… attention to detailing and flavourful cuisine. So my expectations were high.


To get the best selection of an assortment of Indian cuisine I had to strategize the order. The manager came over to the table to discuss preferences and made valuable suggestions. He was knowledgeable, attentive and indulgent as he catered to queries while the chef's tips and accommodating style were key to this luncheon's success. I liked their policy of cooking each dish according to the guests' palate from mild to downright fiery! The Kebab Platter was the first to arrive — packed with 'Minced Lamb Tikka', ‘Murgh Sharaabi Tikka', 'Murgh Lemongrass', 'Sarso Mahi Tikka' and 'Mushroom Galouti Kebab'. But before I dive into kebabs, I must mention the cocktail that kickstarted the meal: ’Adrak and Pudiney Waale Cuba Libre'. The mint—ginger laced rum cocktail was as potent as it was intensely flavourful. Moving on, the kebabs were freshly prepared and spiced, seared to give a hint of doneness outside and had a tender, juicy texture that melted in the mouth. 'Minced Lamb Tikka' was tender and meaty, with smoked flavour which made it finger-lickin' good. The melt-in-the-mouth ‘Sharabi Murgh Tikka' marinated in black rum was creative and flavourful. My personal favourite was 'Fish Tikka' which I'd describe as "off the hook". The roasted fish was robust with ajwain adding a zing. Sipping the cocktail, I perused the menu again. On the chef's recommendation, 'Pakistani Chicken Korma' was the entrée I opted for — with Dal Makhni and Naan — as I chilled out in the table with a beautiful view of a park. The first bite was deceiving, with a rich creamy taste slowly building flavour! I would surely order this  entree on a future visit!


Though I was stuffed, I caved in on flipping through the dessert menu and ordered 'Matka Phirni'. Reflecting back on the luncheon with strains of modern classical music, I strongly feel there's a tradition at Priyank Sukhija's restaurants—ensure customers leave satisfied by a good meal and excellent service. Bon Appetite!