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OLD DELHI: Built in 1887, Haveli Dharampura has been transformed by Vidyun Goel from a Mughal-style haveli into a luxury heritage hotel with a central courtyard, alfresco speciality restaurant Lakhori and marbled terrace overlooking Jama Masjid, Red Fort and Sisganj Gurudwara with Purani Dilli spread out as the backdrop.


Now, there are a number of loyal diners who know just how good the food is at Lakhori; try going there without reservation and you may be waiting a while! So it's no wonder I was thrilled when my friend Veronique said she had reserved a table for dinner! After seeking blessings at Sisganj Gurudwara in Chandni Chowk, I got off at the drop-off point and made my way down the labyrinthine lane, which requires a degree in chaos management to navigate rickshaws, cows, horse-drawn carts and bicycles to reach the hotel entrance! As I was a half hour early, I chose a table in the courtyard, relaxed with a fresh fruit cocktail and photo-bombed the heritage hotel until my friend arrived!!


Time flew with much camaraderie and laughter, and soon we had to place our order. Dinner began with my favourite — 'Dahi Puri' accompanied by shot glasses of saunth and jaljeera — you pop the dahi puri in your mouth and chase it with the 'shot'. The team's desire to bring streetfood to the table is refreshing; the perfect prelude to the feast that followed. As conversation sparkled over cocktails, the entree was served — platters of melt-in-the-mouth, sumptuous chicken tikka smothered with melted cheese, accompanied by naan. We had unwittingly ordered the same dish but we were in culinary heaven!! Stuffed to the brim, we ended dinner on a sweet note with Phirni. Sinfully sumptuous!!


Reminiscing back to our dinner at Lakhori, it’s easy to get caught up in the ambience created by a hard-working team's dream… a dream of taking diners on a culinary tour of Old Delhi and seeing that each and every one enjoys 'the pleasures of a fine table'. Bon Appetite!