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The savviest ways to compete in the culinary world is to specialise. Find a niche and your chances of becoming the next big thing are very good indeed. Spare no expense in making the best dishes in town and then sit back and watch a hungry mob beat a path to your door. One must follow one’s bliss—and seafood specialty fine dining restaurant La Riviera with Executive Sous Chef Tanveer Kwatra is doing just that.


While we were perusing the menu after cocktails at the adjoining bar Citrique the server brought us 'Ciabatta with Olive Oil Butter' to stimulate our appetite for the seafood delicacies that would follow... and we wasted no time in packing it in! The first entrée to arrive at the table was 'Seared Scallop and Prawn with Pistachio Puree'. I liked the texture and it tasted as though it had been freshly caught and cooked. It was light and you could savour each forkful. Bliss — especially for a seafood aficionado like me!. The dishes at La Riviera have a tight composed rhythm to them: up next was 'Mushroom-Tomato-Asparagus Risotto' and 'Goat Cheese Tortellini with Pistou'. A terrific risotto matched by the equally stunning presentation of the accompanying dish where a hint of piquant pistou was blended into melt-in-your-mouth tortellini. The final entrée my friend had after a palate cleansing sorbet was 'Twice Cooked Beef Rib Eye with Braised Cheek Pithvier and Onion Soubise' which he said was excellent. As with everything else here the portion was large, fresh and meaty.


All said and done we had an extraordinary time at La Riviera and I do anticipate it will become a favorite dining destination for many who like the down-to-earth country-style hospitality matched by platters of great-tasting meals. Bon Appetit!