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Kiwis may be small fruits but are a powerhouse of flavour and health benefits. Placed under the category of exotic fruits, it contains a high concentration of vitamin C, potassium. In fact, doctors say one kiwi provides contains all of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement! Full of dietary fibres, kiwis can lower risks of heart diseases, helps in digestion and strengthens immunity.


Know how I like my Kiwi? Being a fan of green smoothies, I often blend it with spinach, apple, and pear. Deelish! However, to make the most of its nutritional value, it is said that the best way to have it is on its own, as a raw fruit. So, you can imagine how excited I was when my friends Rupali and Akanksha Dean sent me a box of Chilean Kiwi! Chile is one of the largest exporters of Kiwifruits in the world and the growers are committed to offering great quality product to the consumers.