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If you love Sichuan cuisine from southwestern China the way I do, you must experience the sumptuous Sichuan delights at 'House Of Han' at Crowne Plaza on your next visit to Jaipur! Stir-fried, steamed or braised, its bold flavours, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic, chili peppers and Sichuan pepper, has always appealed to me.


In the mood for a light dinner, I requested the chef for soup and dimsums. Dim sum translates "to touch your heart" and that's what these delicacies did! By the time I poured over the menu and the soup and steaming treats arrived fresh from the wok, I was ravenous! The "Singaporean Prawn Dumpling Soup" was my favorite and one I would surely come back for time and again! Every bite burst with the briny, juicy sweetness of fresh plump prawns in clear broth with a hint of chive. Other delicacies were "Crystal Chicken Dumplings" and "Wok Fried Prawns" in piquant chilli pepper oil. I ate from basket to basket relishing melt-in-your-mouth dumplings to which I added the Executive Chef's "special sauce". It transformed the flavour! To keep things light, we consulted the chef once again and he recommended "Spiced Mofu Tofu" with a portion of "Fukien Rice". The fragrant tofu was star of the dinner. This traditional Sichuan dish said to be named after the food vendor who came up with it is all about bean sauce, which infuses bean curd with deep spiciness. Blending it with rice surrounded by shredded, julienned or finely chopped veggies, it was pur comfort food. Simple, flavourful, filling.


'House Of Han' is one of those fine dining restaurants you would instantly get attached to for a number of reasons. One, its Sichuan cuisine is fresh and intense; two, the relaxed ambience and plush seating is welcoming; and last, but not least, is the management's smiling face and warm personality. In all, a winning combination for a place that's heading towards its formal opening!! Bon Appetite!