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I've said it about Dimcha and I'll say it about its cloud kitchens's delivery service — it is defined by stylish presentation and sumptuous Pan Asian set menu. Now, I crave a good meal after a long day but calling in for nourishing soup and dimsums or Pan Asian cuisine didn't present many good options — until now. There's something to be said about Dimcha — you'll appreciate the quality dining experience in the comfort of home, right out of well packaged plastic boxes accompanied with condiments, napkins and disposable cutlery… packed in a stylish case! All you have to do is unlock the boxes and dig in. No, this is not a culinary fantasy — I'm penning a review of a delivery service that's loved and relished by Delhi.


When the restaurant team mentioned they would like to send me a sample of their new delivery menu, I put my culinary experience in their hands and they sent over an assortment of dimsums, dumplings and entrees from the non- vegetarian set menu. Now, dim sum translates "to touch your heart" and that's exactly what these did! I was both surprised and impressed by the detailing in the concise menu, added a dollop of soy in a bowl and ate from box to box beginning with "Chicken In Yellow Curry Dimsum" accentuated with garlic and "Shanghai Dumplings". Both were delicious! "Prawn Sui Mai" was off- the- hook fresh. In fact, all dimsums and dumplings were flavourful, ending with fire- engine red "Spicy Prawn Dumpling". Now I had been warned it may be hot to handle in one bite… but I did and while it was fiery… there's nothing I have had quite like it! It was artistically compelling and flavourful.


Once I moved on to heartier dishes I was amply rewarded. "Slow Cooked Fish" was plump and juicy, sumptuous enough for a seafood portrait!! And, wolfed down in no time! Up next was poultry — "Dimcha Fiery Chicken" and "Chicken Thai Basil", served with fried rice and Hakka noodles, was perfect comfort food and I quickly went in for seconds! The meal ended with Mochi Ice Cream. Reminiscing about the dining experience, I can't help feel Dimcha will soon be a name associated with at—home fine dining for those of us who relish freshness, flavour and quality and also like food delivered in aesthetically pleasing packaging. Bon Appetit!