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I've said it about Dimcha and I'll say it about Dhamaal — part of the same delivery service — it is defined by safe stylish packaging and flavourful cuisine. Now, I crave a good meal just as anyone else but calling in for quality,  well priced North Indian cuisine didn't present too many options until now. There's something to be said about Dhamaal — you'll appreciate the fine dine experience in the comfort of home, right out of locked plastic boxes accompanied by condiments, paper napkins and biodegradable cutlery — packed in a stylish case! All you have to do is unlock the boxes, transfer the dishes into your bowls, heat it and dig in. No, this is not a culinary fantasy; I'm penning a review of a new delivery service in Delhi.


When the team of Dhamaal mentioned they would like to send me a few dishes from the new delivery menu, I was looking forward to it because I'm a fan of Dimcha. That evening, they sent an assortment of breads, kebabs and curries and dinner began with 'Lasooni Murgh Tikka' and 'Mutton Seekh Kebab'. Both kebabs were melt- in- the- mouth sumptuous, demonstrating how fine marination and rubs can register an unforgettable culinary experience. I'm already looking forward to ordering it soon! 'Dhamaal Butter Chicken' and 'Mutton Boti Masala' was next. Mopped with pudina paratha, tandoori roti and roomali roti, the entrees were so delicious I was afraid I'd bite my fingers as I ate it. Accompanying the roti and meat was Dal Makhani — spicy, flavourful comfort food.


Reminiscing back to the dinner, each dish was distinctive and seasoned just right. I just know this new delivery service will carve a niche, satisfying cravings for fresh flavourful North Indian cuisine. Do check it out! Bon Appetite!