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Burger aficionados will tell you that biting into a tender, juicy, flavourful burger, cooked just right, is bliss. The accompanying onion rings, fries and shake will take you close to heaven. I'm talking about California-based burger chain Carl's Jr brought to us through a franchisee with Cybiz BrightStar Restaurants — and poised to seize the burger throne!


This afternoon, I went over to Carl's Jr for a pending review. It was a warm summer noon, perfect for digging into burgers 'n' fries after some shopping — it's adjacent to the malls in Saket. Checking out the buzzing ambience and the well-orchestrated menu, one thing was apparent: the team continued to "break the mould". Since it was a review, the management helped curate my order with CharGrilled Jalapeño Chicken' with hand-breaded onion rings, wasabi fries and 'Tiramisu Shake'.


It’s all about bread and glorious meat — with an astonishing variety for vegetarians! The house bun is soft and accoutrements vary. The sauces include jalapeño mango, Sante Fe and mint mayo; sides like onion rings and chicken strips are hand-breaded in-house; and soft drinks can be refilled without paying extra! Coming back to my review, as is often the case simple is best. I loved CharGrilled Jalapeño Chicken — moroccan-spiced char-grilled chicken with cheese, jalapeño and spicy Santa Fe sauce. This was the real McCoy… in my fantasy I could hear the song "ain't nothing like the real thing baby”. Testament to freshness and flavour, is its texture; you don’t wrestle with it, you coddle the juicy cohesive burger. Speaking of the sides, fries with wasabi powder was deelish as was hand-breaded onion rings. Though I thought I could not possibly have anythign else, the fragrance and texture of Tiramisu Shake was alluring — a cross between a shake and a dessert!


I'm pleased to recommend Carl's Jr. This gourmet burger chain has more to offer customers than others in the market — and they are only too pleased to make bespoke burgers based on your choice of bread, meat, accruements. On a diet and wish to skip bread? They have options for that too! Bon Appetit!