Indian restaurants

Though it was not my first time dining in Aerocity it was a first to indulge in a bespoke menu at the world cuisine all-hours restaurant at Pride Plaza—which made the afternoon memorable. From the moment I walked in, I became aware I've entered into a dimension where the focus is on the tables, it's guests and the food being served… where sounds start with conversations that turn into approving murmurs on indulging in sumptuous dishes. For those who've not yet visited this cafe, you’ll need to experience a meal there to understand why it's in a class of its own.  


My friends and I were greeted by Chef Shailendra Singh who was happy to see us and I instinctively knew we were in for a culinary extravaganza that would last over two hours! After all you don't rush good things… you savor them! Chef guided us through the menu, answering queries about ingredients and preparation while we sipped on the most refreshing mango-based mocktail spiked with watermelon and mint. Shortly luncheon began with 'Asparagus cappuccino with poached egg and crispy bacon'. The delicate soup was given body with the egg and bacon strip… yes the pairing is rare but resulted in a delicious blend of flavors! Up next was 'Basil-scented double-cooked mozzarella'. The fluffy texture of melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella is a tantalising treat for vegetarians, with the subtle heat of basil adding just the right kick to the decadence of silken cheese!! Time flew with conversation and camaraderie… and then chef brought us entrees: 'Bacon wrapped prawns, consommé concussion, pea sprout jelly' and 'Crispy seared salmon with sprouts, pea mint foam, parmesan crisp.' The former was an impressive flavourful presentation of crisp bacon enveloping tender prawn. It's my favorite now… chef! One I'll be back for!! The salmon was off-the-hook fresh, slow-cooked to maintain it's juicy tenderness! Since today was my day out I felt I could tackle dessert and we were soon served 'cheese cake with blueberry foam, candid walnut and chocolate sponge’—the blueberry cheesecake was decadent but there was too much going on in this platter!


Reflecting on luncheon at Cafe Pride… its a place of quiet elegance where diners dress in casual comfort and feast on an eclectic menu where each dish has a distinctive character. An expectation, met and surpassed! Bon Appetite.