Indian restaurants

Of late, I had been hearing reviews about pan-Asian restaurant Bercos stringently following safety guidelines, so I was looking forward to ordering in a meal once the pan-Asian restaurant began home delivery service. Browsing through the menu, after much deliberation, I placed the order.


Dinner was on time, packed well and piping hot. Dinner began with an assortment of starters. 'Chilli Garlic Crispy Chicken' was melt- in- the- mouth sumptuous and set the bar high. Of course, the team delivered. Up next was 'Pan Fried Chicken Dimsums In Pepper Sauce' and I cannot use the word fresh and flavourful enough — the spicy, meaty dimsums was spot on! This was followed with a basket of 'Vegetarian Spring Rolls' lathered with a spicy chilli sauce. Deelish! A few moments later, we heated our entrée. The team has 'Sliced Fish with Fresh Basil, Roasted Chilli Flakes' down to a science; if you like seafood, this off-the-hook fresh, dont miss out on this one, which I had with a side of hakka noodles.


Reflecting on the experience, it's easy to see why discerning foodies have a love affair with Bercos on first bite. It's attention to detailing whether it's the flavourful dishes, the efficient service or the packaging. I would definitely be ordering in soon, perhaps the meal- in- a- bowl. I recommend you do too!