Indian restaurants

Backpackers Cafe, Chandigarh is a pioneer in its category with all-day breakfast and global cuisine attracting discerning foodies like a magnet. The interiors has lively artwork, the management's passion for service excellence inspires its team to be warm and welcoming, and the food is delicious and wholesome!


I visited the cafe for breakfast earlier this week. Browsing the menu styled like a tabloid with witty quotes and nuggets of information, I ordered "The Pancake Stack", "Farm Fresh Eggs" and "Bangers And Mash"—with espresso shots. The espresso went a long way in waking me up and paved the way for much-anticipated goodies which lived up to its stellar reputation! The raisin cinnamon pancake stack was soft and warm; its aroma roused my appetite and I drizzled maple syrup and demolished it in no time, requesting for seconds! Up next was farm fresh eggs, sunny side up, with hash brown and bacon. Delicious! The last — grilled sausages on a bed of warm buttered mash potatoes — was fresh, flavourful and well presented.


Reminiscing, Backpackers Cafe's menu is a well-conceived effort to create its own style of entrees, which makes it a cut above other cafes mushrooming on the culinary landscape. The dishes are portioned to provide diners with just enough food so they'd be satiated but won't feel stuffed and lazy. I highly recommend a visit for its ambience, service and cuisine — I know I'll be back on my next trip to Chandigarh. Bon Appetite!