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The association of love and jewellery is time-honoured. Our fascination with Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with jewellery, the most iconic being the "Taylor-Burton Diamond" gifted by her husband Richard Burton in 1969, lives on. The platinum-set pear-shaped diamond by Harry Winston is iconic. There"s another love story set in platinum. When King Edward VIII renounced the British throne so he could be free to marry Wallis Simpson, it seemed then, as it does now, a fairytale. Edward gifted her the iconic "Marriage Contract Bracelet": a cluster of sapphires set in a diamond and platinum bracelet following which they spent the rest of their lives in exile.


So if you’re waiting for the right way to make a commitment, win her heart over with ORRA Platinum Couple Bands etched with your pledge of love in telegram morse code! It needn't be on your engagement or wedding. It’s for the day you realise you are truly meant for each other and there is no one else you want to spend the rest of your life with. As for the rings, its minimalist design is stunning and complements a man’s wrist watch and a woman’s statement ring!


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