Indian Models

''There are a lot of fresh faces waiting to storm the modelling industry; they just need the right guidance! The new generation of models has potential to transform the face of Indian fashion'' explained Glam Icon Director Shakir Shaikh. His words were prophetic — a star was born when winners of the model hunt was announced. Towering 6.2, twenty-year-old Yash Prashant Patkar had always dreamt of modeling and subsequently opening his own production house and he could visualise living the dream moments after he was declared winner.


''It was amazing to be a part of Glam Icon because the model hunt provided me with an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from the industry. It is inspirational to hear about their achievements and observe them being so down to earth. They treated us like family. I have learnt to be a better version of myself and the most important lesson I took away with me was that no matter how high you soar, your feet should be firmly on the ground'' he smiles. And then on a serious note, he adds, ''I have worked hard to achieve my goals. Being a model requires a strict diet and fitness regime. I workout twice a day! In the morning, I do cardio and go for a jog and skip after sundown. My diet is simple. I eat six small meals a day which has heigh protein and low carb quotient so it helps keep my body lean.’'


What is he looking forward to now that doors have opened for him, I ask? ''I believe I'm not a duplicate key… I'm a master key which fit in every keyhole of success'' he grins. And why not — he was a diamond in the rough and the world is his oyster.