Indian Models

Varsha Ghanshani is the newest model on the block with an expressive face, svelte silhouette and intelligence beyond her years. Although she's completing her education she models for assignments that add weight to her folio. In conversation with the Cocoaberry model.


''l remember surfing television channels and stopping to watch Fashion TV and then it just clicked that I could be one of these models. I was tall and skinny—and this is exactly what I was watching on television! That seed grew into a forest of confidence as time passed and I seriously began considering modelling as a career. If you speak of stability, there's no job that's hundred per cent stable. Other sectors have technology replacing jobs!! There is competition for survival everywhere—and the fittest survive. You learn, you gain experience and you grow. I chose modelling because it gave me confidence to stand out in the crowd.


I got a break in India Beach Fashion Week. I worked hard to get through auditions — from working on a bikini body to sizzling with confidence at the auditions… it wasn't easy. But I'm proud I made it. I got to work with some of the best people in the industry; I got to learn so much, to grow so much. This is what I crave for. And now I'm looking forward to walking for Pune Fashion Week!! As a model, I believe in quality work, which means it's okay to work less; only accept assignments that add weight to my portfolio. I'm a hardworking girl and that's my mantra. I wish to leave my mark where I step in. I'm passionate about modelling but I take each day as it comes and go with the flow instead of planning for tomorrow. After all there's never a fullstop to anything in life and diversity is the evolution to amazing things.


But, that said, being a model is not just about good looks and an amazing body. It's about being healthy. One must eat clean, sweat it out and glow from within. Hence I workout regularly. Since I'm studying, I exercise in the evening and run for a half hour. My diet comprises of home food. I eat everything but I do not over eat. And, of course, staying hydrated is a key note.''