Indian Models

Vaibhav Narula has his sights set high. When one says this about a model it implies aspiring towards a transition to acting but right now this model wants to invest time and effort in modelling. With a clean-cut appearance and boyish charm he can be best described as boy-next-door—more so after he became a renowned face with plum campaigns. 

'To be honest modelling as a career was a spontaneous decision. I was completing a diploma in travel and tourism and realized I wanted to be a part of Fashion as a model and make that my bread and butter, not travel. So after completing the diploma I discussed it with my parents and I'm so glad they were supportive and with their blessings I stepped into the world of modelling' he reveals. 'I remember when I got my portfolio done by Praveen Bhat I was so excited! But for a few months I sat idle as I was a new face so it was never easy for me to convince people to get work. Then gradually after doing few print campaigns people start recognising me and with the grace of God, some brands signed me for their campaigns. In the past year, I have done work for Honda Levis Toshiba and Sony. I cherish all the shoots but since you have asked me which ones I treasure the most I would like to share it with you! The biggest were for Toshiba and Sony and I do hope more will be added to my portfolio. Inshallah.' Do you have a parallel career or plans post modelling, I ask? ' No! I' m working hard on modelling and want to continue as it is my passion. I love doing this work!!'